Call for tenders: smart wind farm controller (SWFC)

Our client is a pioneer in the wind energy market and one of the leading German wind farm developers. The core business ranges from planning and construction of wind and solar farms and its operational management in Germany and several foreign markets. Our customers plans a project to develop an active controller for an entire wind farm (consisting of several wind turbine generators (WTG)) to optimize the efficiency of the wind farm as a whole (e.g. to include wake or boost effects). Depending on external parameters (e.g. topology, farm layout, wind environment and WTG status), the maximum wind farm efficiency has always to be achieved automatically. The SWFC shall work with a variety of WTG control systems. Interventions into the WTG controllers have to be minimal. The function and impact of the SWFC shall be demonstrated based on provided historical WF and WTG data.


The project is divided into three subprojects / lots:

  • Lot 1: Collection and processing of Windfarm and WTG specific data. Development of a mathematical model to find correlations between the data and to optimize the wind farm efficiency.
  • Lot 2: Development and implementation of a communication and control box as an edge component which reads parameters of a given WTG, communicates with the SWFC and transmits the parameters / adjustments of the SWFC to the WTG.
  • Lot 3: Cloud based software Implementation of the algorithm for the SWFC (based on the results from lot 1).

If you are interested to submit an offer to work, please download the PDF (containing information about the further process and the next steps)

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